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"I come from an artistic family of musicians, sculptors, writers. I had my first camera when I was ten year’s old. On every possible occasion, I took pictures of my family and friends. What I enjoyed most was catching people in their everyday life. In my late teens, I started wondering the street of Paris taking pictures of people in the streets. I would then shut myself up in a dark room. I remember the excitement when I discovered what I had shot.

After 15 years of working in finance, I decided to put an end to my career and started what I had always wanted to do as a child: photography.

My career took a turn after a trip in Kolkata. I was there on a photo workshop with an American photo-journalist. This trip was a huge culturel and emotional choc. I was overwhelmed by this city. I spent a few days walking around Kolkata not being able to take a single picture. During one of my errands, I came across an amazing mother living with seven children on the street. She had so much dignity and humanity. This encounter upset me deeply. I spent 5 days with them sharing their daily life and capturing photos of every moment. It was a lesson on humanity.  I tried through my photos to capture their strength, their joy although their life was so precarious.

When I came back from Kolkata, I realised I wanted to continue discover the world, the people, capture people’s  emotion, and soul, document their everyday life and reveal their hopes and dreams.


I keep looking for something magical and candid to photograph. I wander in the streets, trying to be invisible, looking for  something beautiful, funny, unexpected, surprising or ambiguous, trying to capture what Henri Cartier Bresson called “the decisive moment”, when everything comes together in a perfect moment, and you hit the shutter."

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